No one wants to be used.

The situation of " being used” is always a consequence of unequal exchange.

It occurs when you express generosity to someone who does not deserve this generosity, because they are not able to appreciate your contribution and share on the same level.

So from the best of motives, a generous man invests money in a woman, but it is not enough for her, and one day he realizes that he is simply being used, he “turns the feeder” and leaves the area (in some cases, additionally raking ... twelve kilograms of accusations and insults).

And from this point on, he becomes extremely circumspect in sharing, he begins to hold his resource and avoid women, which is actually harmful for him as a man. The circulation of energy between a man and a woman is vital and exchange is the engine, but we understand perfectly well why he closes, what makes him so. This is called loss of trust.

According to the same principle, a well-intentioned woman selflessly loves a man (remember that in a healthy version, the man is mainly sharing on the material level, the woman is mainly on the emotional level), the woman accepts him as is and forgives over and over again mistakes that become harder and more offensive to her over time. No matter how much she gave him, no matter how loved he still is not enough. And then one day… Clap! The shell closes. She, by analogy, understands that she is simply being used, not really respected, she “closes her feeder” and moves away (often also accompanied by groans and curses). And from that moment, hello captain evidence, she becomes very circumspect in opening her heart and sharing her love.

After being trampled and devalued so many times, she prefers to keep her distance and personal space, which, however, is also harmful for her as a woman. For we need interchange like air. But we understand what made her so and therefore do not condemn, and treat with mercy and sensitivity. We look deeper into why people get stale and close up. They can be understood, we can be understood.

And then, at one point, these two inherently generous people, who know how to love and share, but have been taught by bitter experience, years of frustration, humiliated and used, meet each other. They look at each other through the lens of painful experience and already do not trust.

He needs the same love that she had shared so generously to someone else, but that had not been appreciated. She needs the very support and stability that he shared so generously, being used and not appreciated in the end. And now they both like frightened animals look at each other with fear and suspect “Well, now it will start as always…".

In general, the experience of observation shows that the bundle is particularly confusing when a woman uses a man financially, without respecting him, and a man uses a woman sexually and emotionally, also without respecting her. In this case, both play pull-push, getting bogged down in mutual use with a bunch of claims. Complaints who owes what to whom. And both of them yell at each other “You're using me!” being outside of spiritual awareness in principle and with a weakened ability to love.

But it often happens that one person uses the other on all fronts. There is a one-sided bias. This is when generosity in one person extends to both the material and spiritual levels (plus a lack of understanding of how to interact properly), and in the other it is lacking in both directions.

In any combination, this tricky system, through consumer behavior, separates the man and woman in different directions, with each painful experience further and further apart. The roots of usage are materialistic perception and depreciation. Devaluation of a person's personality, uniqueness, desires, views, work, and the very essence of a person – his spirit.

We must love and support each other. Man and woman are one, together they are power and greatness, we need each other.


Wounded and humiliated woman, stop fighting with a man, stop punishing him, he is not to blame, he hurts you out of ignorance, oblivion. And stop putting your projections on everyone else. Feminism is a justified anger of a woman, but this is not constructive, it will not help, we need to look deeper.

A wounded and insulted man, give up resisting a woman, stop proving something and punishing her, especially when you don't even know her. And if she really hurts you, it's because she doesn't understand what she's doing, look deeper, see her pain as your own. We all got it, but we are not opponents, but allies.


It is important to be aware that distorting perception filters are introduced intentionally in order to create a negative scenario in which a person is supposed to move in order to generate low-vibration energies of suffering. These mechanisms are not an accident, but a methodical design, behind which there are forces on subtle planes. Those forces that feed on the low-frequency energy of pain and fear from slavery, humiliation, depreciation and use, collecting it like a harvest from humanity in huge volumes. This is fuel for certain creatures, egregors, and energy projects on other layers of reality.

Or do we still believe that this happens by itself and that the man is to blame, oh, how bad he is! Or the woman is to blame, that's what a! The true enemy is hidden, it is not visible.

This begins with childhood and is implanted specifically through the experience of pain, training a person like a rat to controlled behavior. Divide and conquer, a classic of the genre. *And let them fight among themselves, obedient fools, playing by these rules, such a fun!*.

No one wants to be used but the truth is that all of humanity is being used mercilessly. Those who directly do this do not understand that they are only puppets, they do not do it for themselves, they just drain energy through themselves to another address. People play games – whose games are they really? The energetic nature of what is happening remains beyond the eyes and is not realized by most due to, again, materialistic thinking. Many do not see the essence and do not know the truth.

There are those who benefit from people not waking up, not remembering themselves as a spirit, to remain divided and at war with each other, we all know this. Why do these forces benefit from this? Because they collect their fruits by pumping out the energy of people, their work, their feelings, their thoughts. Serving material values and focusing on material possession, coupled with the devaluation of the soul and personality of a man – this is the basic kit for eventually closing a person in himself, separating him from his own spirit, from unity with everyone, from love and trust.


What should we do? Don't allow yourself to be used. Don't indulge parasitic behavior. Reject games, distance yourself from inappropriate behavior. Reject lower scenarios with their materialistic motives of profit and consumption instantly when recognizing them. Maintain awareness and manifest the highest values, stand your ground, believe in our reunion and love.

And, of course, to remain open-hearted to each other, to learn to trust again, to get up after a fall and love again, to meet each other halfway, to make contact. Believe in the best, treat more gently, given the situation of mass trauma, but observing, nevertheless, sobriety and a certain severity. Refrain from condemnations and accusations, understanding the whole picture of what is happening and continue to follow the higher path.

With respect Masha Kutskova.

Please love yourself and take care

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